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Journal of Peter Pettigrew

I come with Rum, Firewhiskey and Butterbeer

12/4/04 01:45 pm

It was Nadine's Birthday on the third. We celebrated. Had a blast. Gave her a new bookshelf for our cabin we found recently. Our new home. Will be after Hogwarts. Had a special Chocolate Frog card made especially with her picture on it.


Just woke up, down at breakfast as the moment. Lots of events happening soon. Holidays, New Years party. Should be great fun!

11/29/04 01:27 pm - *sighs*

Nadine and I decided to take a trip. *grins* I'm going to owl Frank and invite him over. Also makes note to send an Owl to Carmina and Rab. *grins* *lays on the hammock* I sure love Nadine. I can't wait to marry her and be a dad.

Frank...miss you *hugs*
Carmina...Hugs and Love

11/27/04 09:23 pm - Check this out

Look at this, I just got this owl. Let's help her! I mean guys...we're famous!? *grins* I wonder...*laughs*

Dear Sirius/Remus/James/Peter/Lily/Frank/Alice/Professor McGonnagal and other famous 1977 Hogwarts Students,

My name is Pezzie. I have come back to 1977 by means of a time turner. I am doing research for my Assembly of Charms class. I'm from Hogwarts in the future. I was told that we can ask anyone their views on Wand Charms/Spells, Potions, and Physical Charms. Like when to use which type of magic or maybe ways that you use them.

If you want to debate it out with each other that would be great. See, you all are famous here at Hogwarts today. I have always been found of your history.

Thank you for your time,
Pezzie from Hogwarts of the Future.

PS: I've owled this to Peter. I know he'll share it with the rest of you. I'm only around for then next 24 hours or so. So if you could reply/debate this out. Now I can I go back and tell my friends in the future I got to ask Hogwarts most famous students a question. *fan girl squeal--composes self*

11/27/04 01:09 am - Back

Well that was a lovely visit. Very clean. *shudders* too clean. I think mum's still a bit taken a back at the fact I had *pretends to be mum all shocked* Sex! *laughs*

Wedding talks that led to baby takl, mum is going to let Nadine borrow her dress. Which I am sure is still like new knowing how mum is. Merlin, didn't mum get dirty when she was a kid? *shakes head* Mum also still has my baby clothes. Ok that will help, but with the '80s a couple of years away I don't think I'll be dressing my boy up in those 60's clothes. *shudders* Nadine I think there was something mentioned that you have to go see a doctor soon? *bites lips* for the start of care? *sighs* It's all so new to me. I'm scared.

Oh I was taking a nap earlier and had an aweful dream. Someone was threating Nadine. People were coming after me tring to hurt me. And that hand. I saw that hand again. *cries* Frank had gone off somewhere so he wasn't around cause he understands about the hand. I must have been screaming and yelling something bad cause next thing I knew, I woke up and Nadine was holding me. *smiles* I sure hope I don't have those dreams again.

11/24/04 01:59 am - Going away for a day

So while spending more time with Nadine tonight. An owl came tapping on my window. It was a letter from mum.

Owl From MumCollapse )

So the day after we'll be at Mum's and return the next day. *sighs* So owl me if you need me. I've got to get my homework done before I go so I'm spending the day in the library later.

I had the best night and day today. *wicked grins* Oh Nadine's birthday is coming! 3rd of December *starts planning* who wants to help me *winks* we need cake and Sirius...no you can't jump out of it. *thinks* Ok we'll have two...you can use one of them ok? *laughs*

11/23/04 02:21 am - Wonderful Time

Tonight Nadine and I celebrated our one month anniversy. I spoiled her tonight. I bought her 12 roses, a teddy bear, a box of chocolates and a gold name bracelet. *smiles* When we were both ready, we took a walk to Hogsmeade and went to Madam Puddifoots. We order a slice of chocolate cake, two forks, and tea. We enjoyed each other, remembering the last month. *smirks* After we were done we were walking along the path, she wanted me to remind about our frist kiss. So I did. Only this one was better. *goofy grins* Of course the rest of the night was bliss. *grins* Please obey that "Do Not Disturb" sign ok? *laughs* She got me a wonderful blanket she made herself. *cuddles up under the blanket* No I'm saying anything more about what more is here. *laughs again* She got me another present...but *blushes* I'm not sharing about that one.

Will see you all later in the halls...if I decide to get out of bed *winks*

Here's our picture from Madam Puddifoot's (dang we look good)

11/22/04 11:48 am - Wakeing up from a bad dream...

*screams...bolts up in bed, panting*
OK, I can't believe I just dreamt that. I was going along in the halls. Minding my own business when I heard a rumbling coming from behind me. I thought I was hungry or something. Then it got louder. The floor started to vibrate. I turned around and saw a giant block of chedder cheese coming at me. It was evil cheeder cheese. It had sharp teeth and evil eyes. *shakes* I ran and ran from it, then it caught up to me and right before it attacked me I woke up. *panting* I can't believe it. I like cheese, especially cheeder. See if I eat that again. *shivers* Someone hold me and protect me from evil cheeder cheese.

Just a random thought...when do those evil misletoes get put out? *looks around*

Oh tonight is the night. It's the one month anniversy of when I met Nadine. We're going out tonight. I'm going to be pacing the CR with nerves, I know she's got a meeting of some sort so she'll be a bit late.

11/21/04 05:39 pm - It's been a so so day

Trying to catch up on Animal Mythology homework. It was a double lesson. *yawns* Slept in today. Woke up to the sound of Lilttle Frankie wanting more food. So I took care of him. He's growing so fast. *grins* He won't be little anymore. *weeps a fake cry* Thought for sure I was in trouble for something earlier. But I don't think I am anymore. I heard Frank got his vision back *grins* I'm so happy for him. I was worried about my best mate for a while there. I hope that never happens again to him. Or me for that matter. Anyone really. Well off to find some lunch, Nadine and finish my work. I spent most of my day cleaning up my journal. Should look a lot better now. What do you all think?

Tomorrow I'm taking Nadine out to Madam Puddifoot's in Hogsmeade. Just me and her. It's our one month anniversy. *dreamy far away look* Need to check on some surprises for her.

Will catch up with the rest of you crazy lot later. *smirks*

11/20/04 02:34 am - Scared

I can't believe the nerve of Black. I was packing a bag in my room. Because I was. He comes busting in, aims his wand at me and started in on me. I wasn't sure what it was about at first. He finally said it was over some doughnuts. I never ate them. I swear. He was so close to attacking me. I was like fine I'll order you 13 more to make up for his lost precious doughnuts. But he scared me so bad. *hides* I don't want to cross his path again. I mean I don't think I'll be seeing for a few days. After I helped him the other day he turns on me like that? *hangs his head low*

I wish Frank was here. Frank where are you? *reaches out for him*

11/19/04 02:43 am - just want to world to know...

I love Nadine. So glad she's back in my arms from the Hospital Wing. *big goofy grin* I can't wait to marry her. I can't wait to be a dad. Our one month anniversy is coming *happy sighs* I think I'll take her out to dinner. Monday night is the night. *remembers the first night they met* *stares off with a dreamy look on his face* This was the best night in a long time. *heart races with excitment and a bigger grin on face*
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